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61st Anniversary Message from Our Head of The Board of Trustees Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver

Dear Members of Kültür Family,

Exactly a year ago, we were excited to welcome Kültür College's 60th anniversary. We had many plans for September 26, 2020. Under the leadership of our Board Member, Dear Lale Akıngüç, we prepared a full program that is worthy of the Culture of Kültür, which will spread throughout the year, with arts, science and education. In short, we wrote September 26, 2020 on our agenda exactly a year ago. However, our 60th year projects, which we started with excitement in September 2019, did not go as we had dreamed of due to the pandemic in March, and we had to postpone our programs in the spring period. Yes, we do not have a celebration photo like we planned for the 60th anniversary in our corporate memory. However, the elapsed time has revealed a much larger, much more meaningful work. As Kültür Family, with the strength we get from our experiences in our 60th year; we have written a story of courage, sharing, and solidarity that we will tell our children and grandchildren. Although life has made us change our plans, we did not deviate from our main purpose. As always, we were able to stand behind the word “In the Service of Students” that we shared 61 years ago, together during the pandemic period.

There were times of which we were afraid, and when we were tired. In those moments, we had our strength from the culture we had, from our experience of more than half a century. Now, while realizing our 61st year, we will continue to grow together in every topic we work with, in every challenge we overcome, in every detail we share.

As Kültür Family, there is always something we can do. In the digital world, although certain conditions cause restrictions at this stage today, we started to pronounce the word that "Turkey Has Kültür In Education For 60 Years". You can share all your memories, posts, expectations and wishes about Kültür  on our social media accounts. It is not difficult to leave at least 60 photos for 60 years for an educational institution that has thousands of graduates, students and parents. We can do it together. With #bizimzamanımızdakültür hashtag, we can rewrite the history of Kültür together in all our social networks.

We have Kültür to tell and share with our youth and children about the present and the future.

Hoping to share many beautiful anniversaries together with health…

Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver
İKÜ Head of The Board of Trustees