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About Disinfection Procedures at IKU Campuses and Dormitories

Dear IKU Family,

Within the scope of the measures taken for returning to our Campuses and Dormitories after COVID-19, Girls' Dormitory and Boys' Dormitory are on Friday, 17.09.2021; In Ataköy, Şirinevler, Basın Ekspres and İncirli campuses, academic/administrative staff offices, common areas, classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories that started physical work on Saturday, 18.09.2021 will be disinfected with the ULV system against viruses.

U.L.V. ( Ultra Low Volume ) system;

It is an aerosol mist generation system created with an extremely fine spray technique. By dividing the used solution into particles so that it remains in the air for a long time, the contact time is extended, thus providing the most effective and most economical struggle against viruses with the least active substance.

U.L.V. disinfection of all areas against viruses with machines and the points to be considered in this regard,

• All employees are responsible for clearing their desks and work areas before the disinfection process begins. (objects and documents on the table)
• All electronic equipment must be in the “off” position.
• Sensitive equipments should be covered, and these equipments should be manually cleaned with disinfectant by the user.
• The area will be sprayed with a ULV machine, kept closed for 60 minutes for disinfectant contact, and then ventilated for 60 minutes.

Department of Support Services