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"Blended Learning" Test Training Was Held

Istanbul Kültür University (IKU), which creates the distance education infrastructure by making use of all the possibilities of technology and is one of the leading educational institutions in this direction, has accelerated its efforts for the transition to the "Blended Learning" system with the contributions of the Information Systems and Technologies Department. IKU, which has been providing access to educational activities independent of time and place with its CATs system since 2011, has rolled up its sleeves to switch to the "Blended Education" model in the 2020-2021 academic year as part of the measures taken against the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

The test training was held on Wednesday, September 2, at 11:00 am in an amphitheater with video conferencing equipment created at The sample lesson held under the instructorship of our Secretary General Ender Rıza Ekici, Assistant Secretary General Gabriela Oana Olaru and Software Development and Innovation Manager Ahmet Gökhan Uluçay; Our Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver, In addition to Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel, employees of the Information Systems and Technologies Department also attended the video.

What is Blended Education?

In the "Blended Education" model; the instructor will teach in the lecture hall with video conferencing equipment. Some of the students will attend the class face to face, while the rest will attend the class online. Students allowed by the instructor will be able to participate in the lesson by voice.