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Cleaning Works in the Campus

Within the scope of Covid 19 precautions, the surfaces belonging to the general areas in our campuses and the surfaces of human contact (door, turnstile, elevator, ladder and sink surfaces) are cleaned with industrial cleaning products and then the formation of harmful bacteria is prevented by REA RTU QAC based liquid disinfectant application. This cleaning-disinfection process is repeated many times throughout the day.

Hygiene And Cleaning
Of Rooms In The Buildings

  • The rooms of all employees working on the campus are cleaned, disinfected and ventilated before working hours in the morning and after the working hours.
  • In addition to the hygienic mats at the entrance to the campus, the underside the shoes, one of the most prominent virus carriers, should also be disinfected.
  • Employees open the windows during the day to ensure the ventilation of their rooms.
  • The trash cans in the rooms will be collected after the working hours and the trash can will be cleaned.
  • Cleaning / disinfection process; It will be in the form of cleaning all the contacted surfaces of the campus with hygienic disposable industrial cleaning wipes at least twice a day and then cleaning with disinfectant solution. Industrial cleaning wipes used in this process are disposable and the risk of cross contamination on surfaces will be minimized.
  • By leaving boxes of hygienic wipes in the sections where the personnel work, it is ensured that the working personnel make their own areas hygienic during the day. 
  • For used masks, gloves and personal hygiene waste, “Special Waste boxes for masks and gloves” have been created in certain areas of the campus.  In accordance with the circular published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on April 8, 2020, the wastes of masks, gloves and other personal hygienic materials generated in our buildings and campuses will be kept separately from other wastes and delivered to the relevant institutions in accordance with the medical waste management procedure.

Long Term Disinfection
With ULV System

It is an aerosol mist production system created with an extremely fine spray technique. The solution used is divided into particles so that it lasts for a long time in the air and the contact time to the surfaces is extended and disinfection is provided in the most effective way. It is planned to be held in monthly periods and outside of working hours on the weekend

  • All employees are responsible for collecting their desks and work areas before the disinfection process begins (objects and documents on the table).
  • All electronic equipment must be off.
  • Sensitive equipment should be covered and these equipment should be cleaned with disinfectant by the user.
Method of Use.
  • Spraying the area with ULV machine.
  • 60 minutes - keeping the area closed for contact with the disinfectant.
  • 60 minutes - ventilation of the disinfected area.

Hygiene And Cleaning
Of Common Areas

  • Since the Preference-Registration-Interview areas are created under Canopy Cafe and on the ground floor, 1 cleaning staff is available in these areas.
  • University cleaning materials and equipment are used separately with the hotel type cleaning car and are kept on the ground floor, which is a common area.
  • The meeting table and seating area which have been used after each preference registration-interview are cleaned and disinfected.
  • The front entrance automatic doors and the automatic doors leading to the ground floor terrace are left open so that the ground floor and the building are constantly ventilated.
  • Registration interview desks and registration waiting areas are organized in accordance with social distance rules. The section, which is arranged as a waiting area for registration meetings, is organized only for one family.
  • Other candidates will not be admitted to the registration interview and waiting area until the areas are cleaned.
  • The information and meeting tables on the ground floor are cleaned regularly and disinfected according to the following order.

Cleaning Program;


Hygiene and Cleaning of

  • Cleaning of the WCs in the areas that are opened for use, control of soap disinfectant boxes - towels, disinfection of all the contacted areas is done at ½  (half) hour intervals, windows are opened and ventilated and the service is processed in the schedules.
  • All employees use the WCs on the ground floor. WCs on other floors are closed for use. The WCs that are kept closed are cleaned once a week and locked again.

Hygiene and Cleaning
of Cafeterias

  • All food and beverage areas within the campus will be served in accordance with the "Principles of Food and Beverage Services".
  • The entire area is cleaned and disinfected between Lunch sessions.
  • Trash cans are emptied regularly every hour without without being accumulated and hygiene of trash cans is ensured.
  • Windows and doors are always kept open during lunch.
  • It is disinfected in the following order 4 times a day, including areas that are touched by hand during cleaning. 

Health Unit
Hygiene And Cleaning

  • The Health Unit is cleaned by its own cleaning staff.
  • It is cleaned and ventilated before working hours in the morning. It is disinfected, including the areas that are in contact with hands during cleaning (doors, window handles, etc.).
  • It is cleaned and ventilated after each visitor.
  • Nurses ensure that their rooms are ventilated throughout the day.
  • Waste bins are emptied 3 times a day in accordance with waste management without being accumulated.
  • In the absence of visitors, it is regularly disinfected.

Hygiene And Cleaning
of Gardens

  • In the garden, registration waiting areas are arranged in accordance with social distance rules. (Umbrella, bench, table, chair) is cleaned and disinfected regularly during the day (including evening).
  • The designated areas are disinfected after use.
  • Trash cans / recycling bins in the garden are emptied three times a day, 10.00 - 13.00 and 17.30.
  • It is disinfected 4 times a day in the following order, including the general cleaning of the security points in the front and back garden and the areas that are touched by hand during cleaning.

Using and Cleaning of
Service Vehicles

  • Our services are regularly disinfected. Cleaning is done by the driver with hygienic disposable industrial cleaning wipes.
  • Seats that can be seated in accordance with the safe distance are determined in the service vehicle.
  • After the cleaning process is completed, the services arrive at the front door of Ataköy, and after the administrative supervisor or the person to be assigned controls all the operations, the passengers get into the service and the service moves. The cleaning / disinfection process is repeated by the driver when necessary, depending on the frequency of use.
  • Evening cleaning; After the daily ring service is completed, the service will be taken to the open parking lot and the cleaning and disinfection processes will be completed by the driver.
  • Service vehicles have information signs regarding the protection of social distance and hygiene rules. All passengers follow these rules.
  • The driver uses a mask and gloves.
  • Passengers get on the shuttle with the mask on.
  • Passengers who first get into the service start sitting in the back seat. Passengers get off while maintaining social distance from the door they are close to (front or back) when they get out of the service .
  • All services include spare masks and gloves.