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Istanbul Kültür University, which has started its distance education activities on 17.03.2020 in accordance with the information made by YÖK, has given pain to development and improvement activities on the adaptation of the student to the process. Apart from the remedial studies identified by the institution, it was decided to take the opinions of the students participating in educational/training activities through distance education. In accordance with the decision, an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey was conducted by sending SMS to 15726 students on 13.04.2020.

According to the feedbacks coming from the survey results, units which work for the infrastructure of the Distance Education has started their studies about the issues below, for the Summer Semester:

1-The Sakai infrastructure will be updated under the infrastructure of CATS (CLS), with this update:

-There will be significant improvements in the user interface in terms of accessibility and interoperability with universal design, cooperation, analytics and learning assessment.

-There will be mobile compatibility (responsive design)

-The new generation Gradebook will be integrated.

-The Mathematical Representation (Sakai 20, which has been designed for presenting Mathematics naturally, will provide the appearance of the LaTeX equations on the editor) will be ensured.

-The calendar integration will be provided. (Outlook integration)

-Social wall application for courses (Commons Module)

-The Effective curriculum system will be improved. (Lesson Module)

-There will be Rubric integration. (New Generation Assessment and Evaluation)

-The new editor module is improved for the chart contents. (Fast content and directing)

-The certificate module will be improved.

-Assignment: The new Sakai Grader UI user interface will be integrated which has a progress tool for student file submissions as well as student file browser preview.

-The podcast structure will be revised. 

-The visitor statistics structure will be added. 

-The OneDrive and Google Drive cloud source integration will be made.

2-Content Creator Platform (Authoring Tool) 

-There will be an infrastructure which will allow the lecturers to create and share the course content interactively fast and easily in accordance with the digital platform standards.

3-Instant Collaborate Tool

-Creating and managing projects, courses and business-oriented live courses and meetings that will work integrated with CATS CLE infrastructure in the system records for corporate memory purposes will be recorded in the system and access to these records will be provided through the portal.

4- Content Libraries

-There will be an integration with the content platforms which have been proved themselves, and there will be data transaction. Example: Webwork

5-The infrastructure of OpenCourseWare (OCW) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) will be renewed and lecturers will be supported for the usage of these.

6-Teaching with Gamification, the gamification dynamics will be used in CLE, to create and develop the tools to increase the success motivation of the students.

7- Mobile App, the management of the learning and collaboration tools used via the mobile app and effective use of instant communication and announcement functions such as push notifications will be provided.

8-E-Portfolio integration, all the achievements and activities of the student during her/his university life will be recorded as evidenced and an e-portfolio structure will be created that can be used throughout her/his business life.