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Our Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver's Message Regarding the İKÜ Agenda - XIX

Dear Kültür Family,

In addition to the pandemic crisis we share with the world, we discuss different agendas as a country. We left behind a busy week. We celebrated the 97th anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty defined as legal deed of Republic of Turkey by our lawyer friends on July 24. As a university consisting of 55 percent female employees, we closely followed the news regarding the Istanbul Convention. YKS results have been announced. Our youth performance; It was discussed on different parameters from training efficiency to pandemic stress. The results are quite thought-provoking. In summary, not only in the field of health; it is a fact that we need normalization in every aspect of life, in our mindset, our view of differences, respect for rights and freedoms, to listen and understand each other.

Dear Kültür Family,

As a university, an intense preference period awaits us until August 14 after the holiday. We will meet our candidate students in both campus and digital fields. On the other hand, the work of 2020-2021 will continue. New normal, new content, new curriculum, new educational technologies, new strategic plan, new working conditions, new definitions for leadership, empathy, generations, communication processes, new codes of behaviour, defence mechanisms, measures and risks… We are building a new culture together. It is not easy, but I believe that we will leave these days behind by combining the governance principles that are in the tradition of Kültür with the values ​​we have. We can succeed with the principles and values ​​of the Kültür Constitution guiding for good governance, our culture of doing business together, our resources, the power of creating value and positive thinking. The processes we have overcome in the harsh conditions of the crisis so far are a guarantee of what we can achieve as much as what we have achieved.

Seeing the output of the resources we devote to digitalization gave us hope and confidence. On the days when the crisis escalated, we were able to establish sentences that started with the fortunately. We continued our education service; we carried culture, science and art-based meetings to digital, and provided our business continuity with our virtual offices. We have embraced the social sensitivity in our genetics as Kültür during our pandemic period. We succeeded in mobilizing with our alumni and our association at the point of serving the society. Despite physical barriers at work and communication, we kept our dialogue alive. The effort of all our academic and administrative units in the national and international context was very valuable in the fields of psychological, social, occupational health and safety and technology. I thank all my colleagues who contributed.

Dear Kültür Family,

Over the past five months, the Kültür Agenda messages I've shared have progressed on a weekly basis. Sharing the processes regarding our struggle together with you with the principle of transparent communication was the main motivation of these messages. At the point we have reached today, we have created the routines of our business and training processes together. We have internalized our new normal standards. Our information and communication flows became clear. When we look at the big picture, we are far ahead of where we started. The share of healthy communication we have established here cannot be denied. While ending my agenda messages that I have shared with the Kültür Family for 19 weeks; I would like to thank all my colleagues who returned to my notes with their comments and feedback. I wish to be together on healthy and beautiful days.

Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver
Chairman of the Board of Trustees