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Istanbul Kültür University Updated Its Digital Infrastructure
Starting the new academic year with hybrid student orientations on September 20, Istanbul Kültür University announced that it has updated its corporate course management system CATS and hybrid classes with campus measures. 
About CATS New Version and Hybrid Classes
IKU CATS (LMS&CLE) Learning Management System & Collaboration and Learning Environment has been made ready for the Fall 2021 semester with the new version V3.02.
The Human Resources Department organized its second study under the title of “Human Resources Interaction Sessions” on Friday, April 9, 2021 between 10.00-12.00.
Human Resources Department started the employee experience program with administrative department employees under the management of Serhat Zorlu, Deputy Secretary General for Human Resources.
IKU Campuses Visit Appointment Form
Before your visit, you must make an appointment request at
Istanbul Kültür University Test Publication of the Hybrid Education Model
Istanbul Kultur University Hybrid Education Model test broadcast was held by our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Nihal Sarıer on Tuesday, October 13.
IKU Head of The Board of Trustees Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver’s Message Regarding the IKU Agenda - XXIV
Istanbul Kültür University (IKU) Head of the Board of Trustees Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver published a message regarding the IKU agenda, which has changed with the New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Istanbul Kültür University 2020-2021 Academic Year Orientation
Istanbul Kültür University, which has made the opening of the 2020-2021 Academic Year, has carried out the face-to-face orientation program in accordance with Coronavirus precautions, for the University’s freshmen.
Istanbul Kültür University 2020-2021 Academic Year Opening Ceremony
Istanbul Kültür University held the opening ceremony of the 2020-2021 Academic Year at the Akıngüç Auditorium and Art Center, with a ceremony organized within the scope of coronavirus measures.
61st Anniversary Message from Our Head of The Board of Trustees Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver
Dear Members of Kültür Family, Exactly a year ago, we were excited to welcome Kültür College's 60th anniversary. We had many plans for September 26, 2020. Under the leadership of our Board Member, Dear Lale Akıngüç, we prepared a full program that is worthy of the Culture of Kültür, which will spread throughout the year, with arts, science and education.
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