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İKÜ Campuses Visitor Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to share with the public the instructions, policies and guidelines that will help minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection for the health and safety of those who will visit Istanbul Kültür University campuses for any reason.


  • At the entrance to the campus, your fever measurement is mandatory.
  • Your fever measurement is made by our security personnel with a contactless fever meter.
  • Complete the “Visitor Screening Form” given to you at the entrance of the campus.
  • Use hand sanitizer to enter our campuses.
  • Wear the mask given to you at the entrance of the campus in accordance with the rules and do not remove it during your visit.
  • Use the door you entered at the exit to the campus.
  • Follow the social distance rules within the campus and in all environments that require face-to-face communication. Do not make physical contact.
  • Do not share your personal belongings (mobile phone, pen, etc.).
  • During your visit, do not walk around the campus outside the purpose and area you specified in the visitor screening form.
  • Do not use an elevator unless it is compulsory within the campus.
  • Pay attention to the social distance in areas where the transition is dense. When the person walking in front of you stops, act by protecting your social distance.
  • In case of coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with disposable wipes / towels. Throw away used wipes / towels.
  • If there are no disposable wipes / towels, cover your nose and mouth with the inside of the elbow.
  • Do not take photos in the process of your visit.
  • Do not carry anyone else's belongings and materials

Candidate Student Interviews in the Normalization Process

Entrance to Campuses
All candidates entering the campus are given a mask by performing hand disinfection at the entrance. The persons who fill out the visitor form are kept in certain places and enter the conversation one by one and maintaining their social distance.
Need for infirmary
Visitors can apply to the Health Unit if needed. Those who with a fever of more than 37.4, those who do not feel well, who have any symptoms of illness will apply to the Health Unit.