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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Student)

Electronic resources to which our library is a member can be used. Please click for access to electronic resources.

The printed resources of our library will be made available in the frame of Pandemic rules when access to the campuses is granted.

T.C. Istanbul Kültür University Senate who has convened on 09.10.2020 evaluated the 2020-21 Fall Semester Education Processes in a versatile way by taking into consideration of the letter of Council of Higher Education dated 09.04.2020 “In the fall semester of the 2020-2021 academic year in our Higher Education Institutions, it has been decided that the courses in formal education will be conducted with distance and digital teaching methods as much as possible.” and of the principles in the "Guide to the New Normalization Process in the Pandemic" prepared by YÖK.

Within the evaluation which has been made, in these time where there are still actions are made to decrease the infectivity of the pandemic, in order to not risk the academic staff, students and personnel’s lives as well as public health, to help the decrease the rate of the infectivity, it is decided, whilst protecting the quality of the education among the associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs, that in the 2020-2021 academic year,

1.    To carry the courses in the CATS digital platform, synchronously, with the distance education method,
2.    In accordance with the “rarefied class and campus principle” and with the condition of using the personal protective equipment, there can be a face-to-face education with the hybrid education method,
3.    It is decided by unanimous vote, there will be actions taken in accordance with the new laws taken by YÖK according to the progress of YÖK.

We wish our students to spend the 2020-21 academic year in good health and success.

Istanbul Kültür University Rectorate


All cleaning and disinfection of the service vehicles are done daily and monthly and necessary measures have been taken for the personal precautions (hand disinfectant and mask) of the passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions (Personnel)

While evaluating the needs of the staff working in our university campuses; it will prioritize mission critical operations, the need to access resources within the campus, and the return of employees who are unable to perform their basic functions remotely.

On return to work, you are examined by the workplace doctor. Those with chronic disease and high risk group are determined by the state from the E-nabız system.

If you feel sick, don't leave the house. Stay at home, even if you have mild symptoms, inform your manager / supervisor and IKU Health Unit.

Inform your supervisor / manager and IKU Workplace Doctor. If you do not have any symptoms, quarantine yourself and do not contact anyone for 14 days. If your symptoms and symptoms increase, contact your doctor / hospital.

Take necessary personal protection measures. Pay attention to the mask, distance and hygiene rules. Follow the rules set in the university. All necessary hygiene measures are taken at our university.

Quarantine yourself for 14 days and inform your supervisor / manager and İKÜ Health Unit.

It is not appropriate to contact your colleague directly to ask if they are sick. The employee should report the matter to his supervisor or the head of department / dean.

Yes. Staff and faculty members working on campus should monitor the symptoms daily using this COVID-19 Daily Self Checklist daily.

Staff and faculty should not contain ANY symptoms potentially associated with COVID-19, or they must obtain the worker's approval by completing the Examination Appointment form of the Health, Culture and Sports Department in order to qualify for a return to work. Staff and faculty members who have any of the symptoms listed below should inform their supervisor or department chair / dean. The employee should isolate himself at home and consult his physician for further guidance.

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Shake
  • Runny nose with new sinus congestion (not related to allergies)
  • Muscle pains
  • Tiredness
  • Throat ache
  • Headache
  • New taste or odor loss

The body temperatures of the people entering our campuses are checked daily with contactless infrared fire measurement devices.

It is mandatory to wear a mask in the campuses. The visor will be given by the Occupational Physician according to your working situation and place.

The measures taken for personal cleaning and hand disinfection continue in all campuses and have been announced with visuals in common areas.

1. Meetings should only be held in situations that need to be physically mutual. All other meetings should be held online.

2. Meetings should be held once a day per person in meeting rooms and a mask must be used.

3. Tea, coffee, etc. in the meeting rooms. Refreshments should not be made and the doors of the meeting room should always be open, if possible.

4. Cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of all meeting areas should be done by the cleaning staff within the scope of the meeting.

5. The maximum number of meeting persons should be 5.

6. If the meeting will be in a seating arrangement, the persons must be positioned with each person sitting opposite to each other. Cross seating should be provided and the distance should not be less than 1.5m.

7. If the meeting will be standing, people must be positioned crosswise, without facing at least 1.5m rule.

8. The meeting duration should be maximum 15 minutes. Meetings exceeding 15 minutes should be finished immediately if possible.

9. After each meeting, ventilation of the room should be provided by the meeting manager.

10. Meeting rooms; it is cleaned twice a day as lunch break and after work. Afternoon meetings should not be held before 14:00, so that we can follow the rule that the room remains empty for two hours after cleaning.

In daily cleaning;

Prevent cross-contamination with disposable cleaning cloths.

With hygienic disposable wipes, the surfaces (door handles, elevator buttons, faucets, etc.) that people come in contact with are cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day. In this process, disposable disinfection wipes are used to prevent cross contamination risk.

Personal disinfection measures;

The measures taken for personal cleaning and disinfection measures continue in all campuses and are announced visually in all common areas.

Mask, gloves and personal hygiene waste;

In accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on April 8, 2020, the mask, gloves and other personal hygiene material wastes generated in our buildings and campuses are kept separately from other wastes and delivered to the relevant institutions in accordance with the medical waste management procedure.

In Weekly Cleaning;

All areas and surfaces. (REA RTU or equivalent) continues to be cleaned with special disinfectants.

In Monthly Cleaning;

Effective disinfection with U.L.V.  (Ultra Low Volume)  system.

It is an aerosol fog production system created with extremely fine spraying technique. The solution used is divided into particles such that it will remain in the air for a long time, thus extending the contact time to the surfaces, thus ensuring the most effective / economical struggle with the least active substance.


It is recommended that people minimize the use of elevators if possible. In cases where this is not possible, it is allowed to use the elevators by paying attention to the physical distance. This number is indicated at the elevator entrances.

The number of people entering is determined by location markings in accordance with social distances.

We have to pay attention to social distance in the queues. Masks should be worn except for food. We should sit crosswise, leaving one empty chair, not opposite each other, and sit at the same tables and with the people we work with from the same office as much as possible.

On return, he / she should notify the supervisor or the head of the department / dean. And 14 days quarantine period should be applied.

Follow the announcements on our website.